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The differences between the Demo account and the Live account
How to register an account on YokeF

How to login YokeF with account

What can I do when I forgot my password?
How to enable/disable 2FA
How can I subscribe or unsubscribe from the mailing list?
What is an "higher" trade?
What is a "lower" trade?
What is "time remaining"?
What is the minimum amount for an investment?
Can I check the history of all of my trading operations?
How to open an order?
What is the best time to choose for trading?
Why should I switch to the real account?
What is Promotion wallet? Can I use it to trade?
Deposit & Withdraw
How to deposit funds to YokeF?
What is minimum amount of money I can deposit and withdraw?
What should I do if the deposit does not arrive?
Can I deposit via credit card?
Do I need to pay fee if I want to deposit and withdraw funds from YokeF?
How to withdraw funds from YokeF?
Where can I check the status of a withdrawal request?
Do I need to provide any documents to withdraw funds?
Can I withdraw from Promotion wallet?
How to transfer fund from main wallet to exchange wallet?
What is internal transfer?
How can I use this function?
How can I switch between the Demo account and the Live account?
How can I convert from BTC, ETH, USDT, VND to USD and vice versa?
How much fees I have to pay if I want to convert?
How to Upgrade my Referral level?
Can I manage my Referral statistics?
How to get referral link ?
How I can buy Agency License?
I shared my Referral Link/Codes why haven't I received commission?
Why should I participate in referral program?
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